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Hult’s modern take on bluetooth speakers.

Pavilion is a high-performance wireless speaker, made with a unique combination of copper and concrete.

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Pavilion disconnects from old clichés and makes an original approach from different perspectives, fusing acoustic excellence and artistic design. Its innovative and modern design reflects the inspiration its designers drew from some of the greatest modern architectures designed by Miles van der Rohe, Ando, Tadao and Frank Lloyd Wright.

The speaker features a heavy concrete base that holds the speaker in place, preventing any vibrations accounting for any acoustic loss, as well as being aesthetically enticing when combined with the copper twirl that rises above it, sealed in a polycarbonate case. This was apparently inspired by the curves of brass instruments and is said to boost the lower frequencies for clean and warm bass, yet another feature that adds to its exclusive look while improving performance. The speaker is topped in American white oak, with indented tactile control buttons and an LED status indicator.

The 20W Peerless driver enclosed provides the power for this system, delivering a loud and clear sound experience and a frequency response of 150Hz-20KHz, it also uses Bluetooth with aptX support to wirelessly connect to devices. The portable unit includes an auxiliary input port behind the speaker which allows you to hook up MP3 or CD players; below it is an adapter port for charging the built-in battery, users can expect around 4-5 hours of playback on a single charge. It also supports stereo pairing, meaning two Pavilions can output audio from a single source.

LA-based design team Hult, originally launched the Pavilion speaker on Kickstarter in September, but ran into trouble due to manufacturing issues and was forced to cancel the campaign two weeks in. After a lot of design and engineering refinement, and a subsequent improvement in communication, the crowd funding campaign was relaunched this month with pledges for the black or white starting at US$229, which represents $110 off the expected retail price. If the campaign is successful, shipping is estimated to start in May 2016.



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