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Sony’s revolutionary 4K projector.

Earlier this year, Sony announced the launch of its stylish 4K projector with ultra-short throw and ultra-high definition.

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Sony’s new 4K projector, characterised by its ultra-short throw, embodies Life Space UX’s ideals and is the first step towards making this vision a palpable reality, offering an unrivalled user experience that transforms your wall into a life-size window to another world.

Sony boasts a long tradition in design, represented by its 70-year career in combining the latest technology and artistic ability in order to remain at the vanguard of design.

The ultra-short throw lens lets you place the projector close to your wall for a giant, 147-inch image, and features the same technology and resolution found in high-end, professional 4K movie theatres, that’s more than 4 times the clarity of your regular Full HD technology. Since it’s near a wall, viewer shadows won’t interfere with the picture, and more floor space is open.

The projector converts unused spaces into wall-sized canvases and transforms domestic spaces into changing environments, allowing you to step into new worlds without getting up.

The laser light source maintains brightness and colour accuracy longer, compared to conventional projectors, and also hits peak brightness more quickly, lasting up to ten times longer.

The combination of immaculate and sleek aluminium achieves a simple yet luxurious design, which adapts to the space it’s in, proving Sony’s commitment to exemplary design that satisfies both form and function.

The speakers allow you to conceal cables and wires, there’s also some storage space with sufficient room to house other household electronic devices and keep everything nice and tidy. When disabled, the projector’s overall design appears to be an elegant piece of furniture.

Priced at $50,000, Sony has already received unprecedented demand in Europe for this state-of-the-art technology, after its initial launch and presentation in the US and Japan.


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