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Spring & Summer 2016 Campaign: The warmest snow by Versace.

Steve Klein signs the suggestive Versace campaign talking about the warm weather from the snow.

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We are constantly surprised by the anticipation with which fashion brands launch their campaign; such is the urgency, that sometimes it even seems inconvenient: who wants to see wellies and coats in summer? But now the opposite happens, while we wait for the arrival of the cold winter, with more resignation than enthusiasm, we find it suggestive and even desirable to begin to discover the next spring collection.

Versace has decided to seize the opportunity of this crazy time that bring us a high and bright sun and some sort of warm in the middle of December, to take spring to the snow; It’s not about showing spring and summer proposals despite the cold, but rather using the cold white weather to showcase and campaign their much awaited spring collection, seeking the contrast between the cold campaign background and the summer clothes displayed. Versace has triumphed in taking spring and summer to the mountains and makes Gigi Hadid, Natasha Poly and Raquel Zimmermann shine in the snow.

Steven Klein is the photographer behind this innovative approach behind the campaign in which we see how the military print, with a pop art point of view, is imposed even in the suits, with very short skirts and tight waists; the accessories, belts and bags stole the show, alongside the sandals with platforms and infinite heels.


A showcase of the clothes we love. Also a preview of designs to come, viewed only on fashion shows, catalogues and showrooms.

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