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Time to ski with Bogner.

The ski season is upon us, it’s time to keep warm with Bogner’s latest and enjoy the winter sport.

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The mountains are awaiting, their snowy slopes ready to take us on thrilling glides down their icy faces. If you haven’t seen Bogner’s latest collection, you’re in for a tempting surprise. It’s not too late to purchase an item or two to combat the icy winds this ski season. Take a look.

Bogner has implemented the B-system to its latest collection, a simple yet powerful layering system resulting in individually combinable pieces which, together, will keep you warm in the coldest temperatures. The B-system is designed in sets of four layers and a vest that lead the moisture away from the body. Perfect for skiers, it protects you from the intense cold and lowest temperatures while offering the mobility and comfort needed to enjoy the winter sport. If the weather isn’t that cold, just remove a layer or two to adjust to the outdoor temperature.

Furthermore, Bogner’s latest collection isn’t limited to mere technicalities, but also focusses on our commitment to look our best stylish selves even when practicing a sport. The colours used throughout this collection are vivid and evocative: blues and reds are combined with white and green to create vibrant combinations that represent Bogner’s most colourful proposal yet. It’s as simple as picking your colours and layers, and the rest is all fun and games.


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