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L'Objet pour Fortuny:A Touch of Gold and Platinum.

The renowned maker of artisanal home décor, L’Objet presents its second and highly anticipated L’Objet pour Fortuny collection, Alchimie de Venise.

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The newest collection from the luxury lifestyle brand specialising in home décor, is inspired by the artists and craftsmen native to Venice, and combines the exotic influences unique to the Floating City, capturing the rich textures and vibrant colours of the imported curiosities that poured into the Venetian port.

It is the techniques used by its artisans that differentiates L’Objet from its peers. While many of the designs are modern, they have almost all been created using ancient crafts. Jewellery-making techniques are employed to create the most intricate photo frames; bespoke plaster moulds are used that are so fine they can cast only fifteen pieces each; porcelain is teased and shaped by hand as it dries to create exquisite texture and dinnerware is gilded three times in 24K gold to achieve the perfect glow.

The resulting collection to a marriage between Mariano Fortuny’s iconic prints and L’Objet’s handcrafted artistry, introduces nuanced and creative applications of colour and texture, using two of L’Objet’s favourite materials, gold and platinum. Every piece in the collection, ranging from dinner plates and soup bowls to pattern-rich table linen and small furniture, pays tribute to old-world techniques.

To L’Objet Founder and Creative Director, Elad Yifrach, Venice is a place like no other, home to a unique chemistry of elements that has inspired artists for generations. Much of the collection undeniably conciliates the intrinsic qualities of the “City of Masks” itself, from the salty patina of the ancient walls, to the refined texture of its limestone steps, and the golden light reflected off its waters.




Little whims that put a touch of comfort in our routine. Tableware or decorations that make us smile from pure aesthetic pleasure, which we could not live without.

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