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Brahman’s search for perfection.

Brahman's Home inaugural collection takes us to the regal Chateau de Gudanes, where the brand's first ever collection blew us away.

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Brahman’s Home is an exclusive Polish furniture and interior design accessories brand aimed to restore balance and harmony to everyday living spaces by creating timeless collections. Founded by Grzgegorz and Marek Zbroszczyk, the brand is characterised by pieces with a classical look, made by connecting five core materials: stone, wood, leather, glass and metal.

“We want Brahman’s Home brand to become a synonym of reliability, quality and classical elegance.” – Grzgegorz and Marek Zbroszczyk

The brand’s inaugural collection was launched at the beautiful Chateau de Gudanes in the French Pyrenees with a photoshoot by Sonia Szóstak, which drew inspiration from the beauty canons of fine arts and haute couture fashion masterpieces. The promising young photographer has previously worked with Rolling Stone magazine and Vogue Italia. The inaugural collection features 21 pieces ranging from tables and cupboards to chairs and accessories, all embracing the natural simplicity established by the brand’s 5-element theme.

Brahman’s Home’s ideals are deeply rooted and inspired by Far-Eastern Philosophy and its doctrine of eternally searching for harmony between the five elements. Stone is a recurring symbol for certainty and stability; in Brahman’s Home the silvery Carrara marble, with its distinct cream smudges, is largely used in most designs. The metal elements in the collection are stainless steel and 24k gold. American walnut is predominantly used to make the tables and chairs in the collection due to its versatility and resistance, and the upholstery is made using either Hermes leather or high-quality leather produced in the Netherlands.

All of the brand’s products are made in Poland by qualified craftsmen that ensure that each one of the five elements of Brahman’s Home theme are represented in each piece, and that the finished product meets the client’s requirements and tastes. These experienced artisans respect the natural environment and stand by fair trade rules.



Little whims that put a touch of comfort in our routine. Tableware or decorations that make us smile from pure aesthetic pleasure, which we could not live without.

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