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Core Collective: the new fitness boutique.

Kensington’s relatively new “boutique” fitness destination specialises in core workouts that will have you in tip-top shape in no time.

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There’s no lack of gyms in London, especially after the capital went on a health kick a couple of years ago and gyms started multiplying, studios opened up left right and centre and speculative diets gathered loyal followers by the thousands. One of Kensington’s latest fitness proposals is Core Collective, a new boutique studio located just off High Street Kensington on Phillimore Walk.

Studios have had to step their game up in order to stand out from the rest, and Core Collective’s original approach and style does exactly that, setting a new standard for luxury, boutique fitness. The model is completely stripped-back to make it all about you, with a pay-as-you go basis and no contracts, memberships, monthly payments or sign-up fees – just classes sold in blocks of 3, 5, 10 and 30. This simplicity is echoed in Core Collective’s expertly designed cornerstone classes: Velocity, Accelerate and Resistance.

Velocity class is a 45-minute HIIT class that combines athletic interval training with fitness, function and flexibility. You’ll be working around a circuit, carrying out workouts that involve short bursts of very intense exercises. The Accelerate class is a spin class in a nightclub-like studio and Resistance offers TRX suspension training in small groups.

The trendy studios are spacious and class numbers are limited to ensure that you are completely engaged in the workout and get the attention you need from the trainer.

Core Collective’s Kensington studio is bedecked with contemporary artwork that is rotated throughout the year in an adjoining gallery space, perfect for zoning out and relaxing after an intense workout. There’s also a juice bar where you can get your daily dose of healthy smoothies whilst chilling out in the lounge with friends.


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