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675LT Spider, the hottest piece by McLaren.

This spectacular sports car is McLaren's latest, the 675LT Spider, with 500 pieces on sale, and a price of £285,450.

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McLaren Automotive is finishing the year with a bang, showing its stunning and brand new sports car: the 675LT Spider. The production of this fabulous piece will be strictly limited to 500 units globally and prices will come to £285,450. You might wonder what makes the 675LT Spider one of the most luxurious and hottest models made by the British  company. Here, in Loffit, we’re unveiling it.

Of course its twin-turbo 3.8 litre V8 engine has a lot to do with it, alongside the fact that it gets to 100km per hour in 2.9 seconds and to 200 km per hour in only 8.1 s. Its top speed 326 km per hour and keeping the CO2 emissions under 275 grammes.

Its mechanical goodies and carbon-fiber aerodynamics package are other factors that make the car stand out, and lets not forget the added bonus of a flip-top lid. McLaren has developed a system to hide and unfold the roof in record time, an element that only brings 40 kg to the total weight of the car. This roof mechanism is the only thing that makes this LT convertible heavier than its predecessor, the coupe version.

True to the principles of the long tail the British firm stands for since the 90s, the 675LT Spider is a model that keeps its weight and improves aerodynamics with luxury finishes and that sold out before reaching production.

This is unquestionably a vehicle to dream about despite its price, hang on to the idea that dreams can come true because although this is the latest launch of McLaren before the end of the year, the 675LT Spider was once the dream of someone that made it happen.

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