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Motorcycle: Triumph Thruxton, modern nostalgia.

The new Triumph Thruxton is an updated classic that incorporates modern time features, a bike that will take you back in time 40 years, when English bikes ruled the roads.

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Despite the fact that many riders love the retro charm and the classic spirit of the ´60s and ´70s motorbikes, when we ride a motorcycle manufactured during those years we soon discover that in most cases, the chassis twists, the suspensions don’t respond as they should, and the brakes tend to fail too easily… The new Triumph Thruxton is an updated classic with the aesthetics of the café racers that half a century ago were common on British roads, which will enable you to relive the legend.

Although the bike resembles the customized derivatives of the Bonnevilles that roamed English tracks and London cafés in the ’60s, it incorporates modern time features like LED lighting, a USB charging socket, and twin clocks featuring a digital menu system with a basic info display.

Powered by a new 1,200cc liquid-cooled “low inertia – high performance six-speed engine, the Thruxton delivers an impressive 120Nm of torque. The engine sound is round, the one you would expect from a British racing twin engine; and the trumpet-shaped exhausts match the legend. As far as the stopping power is concerned, the Thruxton relies on an upgraded Brembo twin floating discs clamped by Brembo radially-mounted monobloc calipers.

For the picky ones, the ride comes with a number of standard performance-enhancing features, like an adjustable Showa big piston fork up front and a completely adjustable Öhlins suspension for the rear, a ride-by-wire throttle, switchable traction control, multiple riding modes and ABS. Plus there is a huge number of Triumph-made accessories that help let you make it yours, providing a custom experience right at the dealership.

If you don’t like to be in the spotlight, the Thruxton is not the bike for you; a bike that mixes the old with the new so elegantly will attract many envious glances. Whether you’re a Café Racer lover or not, there are some iconic models that everyone like, and this is one of them of the few; a bike that will take you back in time 40 years, when English bikes ruled the roads.


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