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Artesian waterThe nakd truth.

One of the smoothest, purest tasting natural waters in the world.

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For centuries, writers have romantically dreamt about the magical powers of a mythical ‘fountain of youth’; today we can say that there may well have been a certain truth in the legend after all.

Nakd is a brand of bottle artesian water from New Zealand, and is one of the smoothest, purest tasting natural waters in the world. The founders pride themselves on the fact that the water is not once touched by man, left completely natural as it is sourced from one of the deepest and oldest artesian water sources in the world – The Bay of Plenty, in New Zealand, one of the world’s most exceptional artesian water sources that is well over 1800 years old.

“Our brand has always revolved around the water being the star, and to make the experience of drinking nakd to be memorable. It had to be sexy, sleek and simple, but without ostentatious in-your-face labelling.” Nakd Founder

Nakd water begins its journey at the Antarctic, where the vapour travels across the freezing South Pacific Ocean before falling as rain, high in the immaculate Raungaehe Ranges. The water then oozes below the surface of the earth where it undergoes a 50-year natural filtration process through the Matahini Ignimbrite (a porous volcanic rock that organically enriches the water). It then collects 1000 feet underground in the Otakiri Artesian Aquifer.

This natural 50-year filtration process provides nakd with significantly more health benefits than other brands of bottled water. For starters, it has an alkaline pH level of 7.2, making it a potential tool in the maintenance of the body’s acid-alkaline balance. Almost all our body functions, including our brain and our immune system, work best in this slightly alkaline range, and our cells can only absorb oxygen and nutrients in this state.

Nakd is also rich in silica, a rejuvenating chemical compound that stimulates healthy, glowing skin, collagen production, and strong hair and nails. By stimulating the cell metabolisms and formation, colloidal silica has been scientifically proven to slow down the ageing process considerably and can also assist in preventing the spread of cancer and heart disease as it improves the structure and function of connective tissue and collagen.

The good news is that nakd has recently landed in the UK, and is here to stay. Look out for its elegant bottles in restaurants and hotels, or order online through Aqua Amore.


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