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BubbledogsYour not-so-common champagne bar.

Bubbledogs, the name says it all. Tucked away in Fitzrovia is London's first champagne bar that serves hotdogs rather than caviar.

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Who didn’t love hot dogs as a kid? Be honest, you probably still do… And Champagne? Well, if you never thought of having them together, someone else thankfully did; and the result is simply brilliant.

After some time spent working in some of New York’s best restaurants, husband and wife James Knappett and Sandia Chang, decided to open their own corner of happiness, and they named it Bubbledogs. You probably wouldn’t consider it as an old-school restaurant, or at least not the kind of restaurant where you would expect to linger and have a quiet conversation. Bubbledogs is more of a bar where the real deal is the champagne – all from independent grower-producers and not too pricey – and where hot dogs are served as pairings. Don’t worry, beers and cocktails can be ordered as well.

Located in Fitzrovia, Bubbledogs isn’t the classic and pretentious champagne bar, nor the typical fast-food restaurant. Knappett works as the Head Chef, offering up to 13 varieties of hot dogs gussied up with various toppings, and all available in pork, beef or veggie editions… No caviar pairings here. There are over 30 champagnes to choose from, all selected by Chang, General Manager and Sommelier. Bubbledogs’ interior was exclusively designed by the couple, and it incorporates an anaglypta-papered ceiling, original reconditioned flooring, a copper-topped bar, reclaimed pine wall cladding, exposed brick walls, and original Georgian wire windows.

But there is more to this atypical champagne bar. Hidden from sight behind a curtain at the back of  Bubbledogs you will find Kitchen Table, a 19-seat ‘chef’s table’ restaurant that works as the perfect addition. There, Chef Knappett and his team host intimate dinners with guests seated directly around his open-kitchen. Their daily-changing 14-course tasting menu is based on the best and freshest ingredients they get in during the day and a drinks-match menu created by Sommelier Chang. If you happen to be around this foody-area of London, don’t forget to visit this fast-food-champagne-haute cuisine hybrid.

Hot dogs range from £6-£8, whilst champagne goes from £6 a glass to £99 a bottle.


Straight to the palate. Products as delicious as they are hard to come by cooked or bottled, in limited series, under the supervision of the finest experts.

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