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London’s premier spot for unusual dining

Archipelago’s motto is “exploring the exotic”, and that’s precisely what this eatery embodies.

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The menu at Archipelago is a round the world tour of dishes seldom seen on most menus in the capital, or in the gastro-world for that matter. Owned by South African-born entrepreneur Bruce Alexander, it caters for the gastronomically adventurous.

There’s certainly a lot to take in in this quirky corner just down from Warren Street; the décor is as unusual as its dishes and looks like a moodily-lit Asian antiques shop with a mix-and-match of cultural paraphernalia hanging out of every nook and cranny. It’s one of those places that instantly makes you forget you’re in rainy London. Golden Buddhas, dwarf palm trees, a mixture of fertility idols and giant peacock feathers will accompany you on your intrepid dining experience.

Their unconventional trademark dishes, like crocodile, sweet chilli smoked python carpaccio, jerked alpaca, crispy zebra jerky, pan-fried crickets, marinated kangaroo skewers, and chocolate-dipped scorpion, sit comfortably alongside standard classics like Berber spiced lamb, Mexican pork belly, chicken curry and an array of inventive vegetarian options. The exceptional quality and presentation of its dishes has guaranteed Archipelago’s eminence as London’s culinary portal to world cuisine.

The wine list isn’t quite as exciting as the menu, but follows a more traditional route, spotted with the occasional extravaganza, like the 1961 Petrus sitting complacently in the cellar.

Whether you’re up for an adventurous evening of gastro-fun with friends, or a memorable romantic night out to impress your date, Archipelago certainly delivers an evening to remember.



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