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SushiSamba shakes up London’s skyline.

Perched near the top of the Heron Tower lies Sushisamba, home to a unique blend of Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian cuisine, music and design overlooking London’s ever-beating financial hub.

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It takes less than 30 seconds to reach the 38th floor of Heron Tower when travelling in the glass elevator that clings to the side of the skyscraper. And that’s just the beginning, for an evening at SushiSamba lacks no excitement from start to finish.

If the food and drinks weren’t already electric enough, Head of Spirit and Cocktail Development Richard Woods has crafted a new, cutting-edge cocktail menu in collaboration with Executive Chef Claudio Cardoso, featuring culinary-inspired libations that bring a fresh experience to the London skyline. Of the latest additions to the menu Woods explains, “The new list of libations showcases the brand’s creativity and cutting-edge methodologies. Collaborating with the culinary team has added a new and exciting layer to the cocktailing experience.”

The limited-edition specials feature the SushiSamba’s classic flavours. Highlights include the Tom Yam, a fresh, fiery and cooling creation with coriander, ginger, lime leaf and chili served long and spiked with Reyka vodka and accompanied by a turbot nigiri. The Pistachio & Avocado Batida is a colourful variation of the classic Brazilian favourite, featuring fresh avocado purée swizzled through crushed ice with cachaça, pistachio orgeat and cacao, and served long with an accompanying cone of maize cancha. And finally, our favourite, the Kobe Cocktail inspired by SushiSamba’s monthly Kobe Week offerings, this cocktail is a classic rift on the Old Fashioned and has been treated to a wash of the highest grade of Kobe fat before being stirred with maple and salted caramel.

In addition to the culinary-inspired cocktails, Woods refreshed the signature list with new creations, featuring in-house, custom ingredients, including fresh herbs, spices and produce, to produce new serves like the Azteca, a cocktail inspired by Japan, made of Japanese whisky, Pisco brandy, amaro washed with coffee and chocolate bitters. We also recommend you try the Café Millonario, a classic ‘Espresso Martini’ with a twist, where coffee-washed dark rum substitutes vodka and the rum is shaken with Tonka bean infused maple syrup, dark chocolate and the obligatory espresso shot.


Straight to the palate. Products as delicious as they are hard to come by cooked or bottled, in limited series, under the supervision of the finest experts.

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