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Chopard’s magic garden.

Bewitching. Precious. Dangerously tempting. Chopard has brought out the best of the opal with its high-jewellery capsule collection Fleurs d’Opales.

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Chopard’s opulent Fleurs d’Opales collection is inspired by dreamy romanticism and features six floral rings centred on the legendary opal. The first three pieces of the smouldering collection, which were unveiled during Paris Fashion Week, are adorned with the most precious variation of all, the flaming black opal, set in with titanium or high-precision zirconium and surrounded by sapphires, amethysts, tsavorites, rubies, lazulites and black diamonds.

The first ring is presided by a spectacular 24.3ct black opal nestled in the heart of a titanium latticework of petals, delicately chiselled and set with purple sapphires and amethysts. The body of the ring is extended by a vibrant harmony of tsavorites set with 18ct white gold. The second ring stars a 20ct oval opal, emphasized by diamond-set pistils and drawn-out by finely veined blue titanium petals, which plunge the eye into an enchanting blue magic. The body of the ring continues the spell with an arrangement of tsavorites, lazulites and brown diamonds. The third piece features an oval 9ct black opal, emphatically echoed in the black rhodium-plated white gold pistils set with rubies and purple sapphires. The mobile petals are made of blackened zirconium, set with pink spinels, and the interlaced rose and white gold body of the ring is set with black diamonds.

By exploring the floral world and its many wonders, Chopard has created timeless pieces that manifest signs of olden splendour and rival the beauty of the flowers Chopard looked to for inspiration. The six distinct talismans are a testimony to the genius of goldsmithing exercised at its highest level, mirroring the artistic crafts in Haute Couture and orchestrating an alliance between the opal’s power and complexity.

Greek and Roman mythology represented the opal as a gem considered to have magic powers; its lustre and allure fuel the imagination, drawing one in with its bewitching shades that bathe the stone with a life of its own. It has since journeyed through time surrounded by an enchanting aura of mystery and power, which has intensified throughout the centuries due to its power to fascinate with its obscure nature, changing colours and elusive reflections.

The bewitching sextet that has flourished in the Maison’s lavish garden proves that jewels can still embody ancient beauty and embrace romanticism and nostalgia.  


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