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Rose des VentsDior goes nautical with Rose des Vents.

Dior sails in a new direction with the release of its new nautical-themed jewellery line inspired by childhood memories of the house’s founder.

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Designed by Dior Joaillerie Creative Director Victoire de Castellane, the nostalgic collection ties together Dior’s passion for roses, lucky pendants and dreams of travel.

Since he was just a young boy, Christian Dior was always accompanied by the wind rose, a motif scattered throughout the décor of his family’s seaside home in Granville, Normandy. A timeless symbol of travel and adventure, the rose became the designer’s favourite flower, and the star remained his good luck charm until his last days. Reinterpreted in the form of a wind rose with eight points – Monsieur Dior’s favourite number – the star lies at the heart of the new Rose des Vents jewellery collection to be worn every day, like precious talismans.

“Rose des vents is also a metaphor for creation. Creating is about searching, turning things over, and then finding ones cardinal point and setting off on a journey. Creation is the product of a stationary voyage.” Victoire de Castellane

The timeless collection brings together the whole history of the house together with the founder’s visions and beliefs, his love of nature and trust in the stars. He discovered his love of flowers in the gardens of his legendary seaside home, where he steadily cultivated his admiration and passion for roses. Later on in life, when in Paris, the highly superstitious designer decided to open his own couture house after finding a mysterious star sign on the ground.

Dior’s latest jewellery collection features a series of distinctive compass-like medallions which turn on their chains and bracelets crafted from yellow or rose gold. On one side, the eight-point star motif is edged with a twist of gold. The other side reveals one of the hard stones rigorously selected by Victoire de Castellane: creamy mother-of-pearl, a symbol of gentleness, femininity and well-being; deep turquoise, which strengthens the balance of she who wears it; dusky, pink opal with protective properties and midnight lapis lazuli, an emblem of serenity and friendship.

The collection launched in France on May 13, the rest of Europe on May 25 and worldwide on June 10. Prices range from €1,350 to €8,000.


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