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Jack Vartanian and his ode to Brazil.

Brazilian jeweller Jack Vartanian presents his latest collection, paying tribute to his native Cariocan country.

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Jack Vartanian’s jewels embody true seduction. The Brazilian company’s collections are worthy representatives of their country of origin, as shown by each piece’s creativity, warmth and charm; next season, in light of its newly released collection ‘Brazil’, we’ll witness how hieratic cold stones can be a reflection of the most ardent passion, transforming these gems from well-cut beauties into burning flames of desire.

The passionate campaign created to present Brazil features images of remarkable warmth that are set in a summer afternoon and star a dark female beauty, an essential part of the Brazilian culture. The collection was presented on November 25th at the brand’s boutique in Rio de Janeiro, where the coloured tourmaline pieces conquered friends and strangers.

An aquatic background is used for the green, pink and blue stones featured, some of which are from the very country, while others have been found and worked on beyond Brazilian borders, but all are stamped with Brazil’s characteristic native charm. The collection features bicolour earrings, remarkable-sized rings and bracelets with matching pendants. This is a romantic and seductive collection, very typical of its home country, Brazil.

Jack Vartanian maintains that his passion is envisaging sophisticated designer jewels, whilst respecting the craft and period, as well as the natural beauty of the selected stone, in order to create timeless and contemporary jewellery that will accompany you forever.

Browse through our image gallery and discover this series of beautiful images presenting jewellery to fit your hands and your dreams… It’s Brazil, the new collection by Jack Vartanian.


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