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Athenaeum Hotel MayfairHome from Home in Mayfair.

The Athenaeum is a boutique, family-owned 5 star hotel in Mayfair married to the international film industry since it opened its doors.

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The Athenaeum is a boutique, family-owned 5 star hotel in Mayfair comprised of 164 bedrooms including the penthouse, 12 suites and 18 apartments with their own private front door in the heart of London. Located in the hub of Piccadilly, it looks onto Green Park and the rest of Mayfair, London’s elite neighbourhood. It’s easily recognised for its eight-storey vertical garden running up the side of the hotel, making it look like a living tapestry.

It’s decoration is charming and truly British, driven by club chairs upholstered in gentlemen’s tweed and rich velvet, shimmering pearl buttons alluding to Cockney Pearly Kings and Queens, and numerous other elements carefully chosen to express the hotel’s English essence.

We recommend you head down to the hotel’s fine-dining restaurant, which has won a second rosette for its exceptional food and excellent service. With a modern British menu the dining room is warm and elegant, its high-backed booths placed in the centre of the room allow for guests to enjoy a discreet and private dining experience. But what perhaps stands out most of all is the large, enchanting Mother of Pearl wall, which makes the room shimmer and the dining experience somewhat magical. After dinner, the Whiskey Bar awaits; the largest collection of blends in any hotel in London, comprised of over 300 whiskies, which work their way from the Scottish Highlands to Japan.

Life at No.116 Piccadilly began under the name of “Hope House”, built during 1849-50, noted by Charles Dickens for its extravagant interior. In 1864 the house was bought by the Junior Athenaeum Club as the perfect setting for entertaining MPs, Lords and the great and good of London, and so it became the Athenaeum.

During the 1930’s, No.116 was regenerated as an Art Deco apartment block under the same name, until the Rank Organisation got its hands on it in 1971, transformed it into an iconic hotel and installed all their stars there whenever filming at London’s famous Pinewood and Ealing Studios. The Athenaeum quickly became the hotel of the stars, opening its doors to all the big names whenever they were working on film projects in England.

The Hollywood Reporter commented that there were more movie stars to be seen at The Athenaeum Hotel in London than at the Beverly Hills Hotel, and it’s no wonder that so many have chosen the Athenaeum for a discreet stay in London. The hotel’s famous residents include Steven Spielberg, Marlon Brando, Harrison Ford, Lauren Bacall, Liza Minnelli, Elizabeth Taylor and Warren Beatty. Spielberg even installed an edit suite in his adjoining Athenaeum apartment to work on his films.

From the 1990’s onwards, the Athenaeum has been family-run, committed to providing a personal and friendly service and making all guests truly feel at home. Its marriage with the film industry has continued to this day, with stars and industry leaders visiting the hotel every month.


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