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BA unveils luxurious new first class cabin design.

Debuting next month, British Airways's new 787-9 Dreamliners will offer the airline's most exclusive first class experience to date.

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By the end of October, BA’s 22 new 787-9 Dreamliners will take to the skies flying from London to Delhi, becoming one the most technologically advanced planes in the company's fleet.

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    BA unveils luxurious new first class cabin design. 1

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    BA unveils luxurious new first class cabin design. 2

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    BA unveils luxurious new first class cabin design. 3

For those lucky enough to fly in first class, it will also be among the most intimate and exclusive planes yet, with only eight seats available compared to the regular 14 first class seats found on BA's other long-haul aircraft.

Forpeople has developed the new first class cabin design, where each leathery suite features larger windows offering expansive views; four new storage areas including an ottoman, an eye-level locker, and personal wardrobe space; and a "jog-dial" that controls the angle of a passenger's seat, the inflation of their headrest and lumbar support and the suite lighting. There's also a new smartphone-like handset that can be used for controlling the seat and the in-flight entertainment console.

And if all that wasn’t enough, the cabin’s lighting can be adjusted to mimic the time of day so as to be in line with passengers circadian rhythms, in order to help passengers have more natural sleep cycles, so that they arrive at their destination feeling more refreshed than might otherwise have been the case.

The in-flight entertainment console can be used undocked for convenience and can also be docked and used as a second screen. Hence, passengers can now view two different pieces of content, such as a film on their fixed screen, which does not need to be stowed in any way for take-off or landing, and the flight map on their handset screen, enjoying "gate-to-gate entertainment".

After its route from London to Delhi has commenced, routes to Abu Dhabi and Muscat from November, Kuala Lumpur in December and Austin, Texas, and San Jose, California, next year will come into service.

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