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Luxury travel is booming.

United States, again positioned as the first luxury travel destination with more than 6.2 million wealthy tourists.

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Luxury travel is booming, it’s the largest market segment growing around the world, as evidenced by a survey commissioned by World Travel Monitor® and conducted by IPK International and ITB Berlin.

United States ranks again as the first luxury travel destination with more than 6.2 million wealthy tourists. China and Mexico are just behind the US on the list. In Europe, Italy and Germany share the top spot with 2.2 million luxury visitors respectively, ahead of France and Britain.

The largest increases in the number of luxury travel stays have been recorded in recent years in the United States and Germany, followed by Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Japan and Southeast Asia. Caribbean and New Zealand also showed very positive trends in the luxury tourism market.

Most luxury travellers come from the United States and China. More than 9.2 million travellers from the United States chose luxury travel abroad, China ranks second with 6.9 million. Total spending on luxury international travel rose to 172,000 million euros in 2014.

International travellers spent an average of 750 euros per night for luxury short trips, and 500 euros per night in a long luxury travel. Luxury travellers from the United Arab Emirates, India, Kuwait, Brazil, Australia, Canada and China spent more than 1,000 euros per night.

In 2009, luxury travel accounted for only 3.9 per cent of total travel segment. In 2014, 46 million international luxury travels were recorded, with a share of 4.6 per cent of the market.

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