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Uber, crowdsourcing applied to the logistics of luxury.

Companies like Uber, trying to become an “urban logistics” network, are specializing in luxury brand vehicles.

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Shipping insurance for luxury goods are becoming a thorny issue for logistics companies competing for the business of e-commerce retailers.

Sales of personal luxury products reached a record of $271.000 billion in 2014, according to estimates by the consultancy Bain & Co. in a recent report. The demand for luxury goods such as watches and jewellery increased by 2 per cent from 2013, while the luxury accessories such as shoes and leather goods has increased by 4 per cent.

Successful shipment of these items to customers is proving a difficult task, and logistics companies often have to split shipments of luxury goods to keep each package below the maximum insured value.

Uber Technologies Inc. has struggled to maintain trade agreements with some clients, including online retailer Gilt Groupe Inc., because it was unable to secure high-priced items sold through the online store Gilt.

Uber is an international company that provides its clients with different mobility services via a mobile software application. Now, companies like Uber are specializing in “crowdsourcing” deliveries, consisting of outsourcing tasks traditionally performed by an employee or contractor, to a large number of people or a community group, through a call.

Keeping e-commerce companies satisfied is key to become a network of “city logistics”.

The company is in talks for a new round of financing that could lead to a valuation 50,000 million dollars, according to what The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times recently reported. If Uber gets this assessment, it could become the highest rated private company in the world, surpassing the Chinese electronics manufacturer Xiaomi.

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