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HennsessyThe Hennessy Academy, a virtual classroom for cognac lovers.

Exclusive cognac manufacturer Hennessy has launched the Hennessy Academy, a digital initiative for aspiring liquor connoisseurs.

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For those who haven’t had the opportunity to travel to the Cognac region in France, you don’t have to anymore. Cognac maker Hennessy, owned by luxury conglomerate LVMH, has launched a new digital initiative for those who want to become true connoisseurs of cognac.

Hennessy’s history is deeply rooted in the Cognac region in southwest France. This is because grapevines have been growing there since the Roman Empire, when Emperor Marcus Aurelius Probus ordered his soldiers to plant vineyards. There are millions of Hennessy fans around the world unable to tour the vineyards of Cognac, dine in the historic Castillo de Bagnolet, experience a private tasting at the headquarters of Hennessy, or visit the historic winery with its ancient barrels.

But now, with the innovative initiative of The Hennessy Academy, followers of the exclusive brand may enrol in a master class on cognac. For the first time in history, the immersive experience in the Château de Bagnolet will be made available worldwide. The Hennessy Academy is part of the brands 250th anniversary celebrations.

By participating in Hennessy’s Virtual Academy, cognac lovers can earn exclusive rewards by exploring the world of Hennessy, testing their knowledge and sharing accomplishments. The Hennessy Academy is split into various fascinating lectures, the first of which is Hennessy Essentials. This section provides a series of questions addressing basic facts regarding the Hennessy house and its past. Lectures focus on heritage, crafts, cocktails and culture.

When all sections are finally completed all classes taken and their respective tests are passed, the consumer wins a pin that can be shared on social media. That way, everyone will know that you’ve become a real cognac connoisseur.

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