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A nod to Caruso’s vintage sound.

A trendy speaker unit that blends yesterday’s style with today’s modern charm.

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It turns out that sometimes the most basic forms combine to create a fantastic functional design. If on top of seeing it and touching it we can also listen to it, the object in question automatically becomes so much better. This is the case with Caruso, the trendy speaker unit designed by Paolo Cappello.

At first glance it’s its simplicity and elegance that suddenly catches the eye with its bold ceramic sound horn. A powerful cabinet stores secrets that fill the air with music. It possesses an aesthetic style with a vintage nod, relying on the best of Bluetooth 4.0 technology to play the music from our tablets, smartphones or other compatible devices.

The gramophone’s delightful aesthetics and high definition sound were created by Italian designer Paolo Cappello for Miniforms. Laboratorioaudio and Netgrid were also involved in the creation and development process.

Each Caruso is handmade and available upon request only. You can play around with the different colours and finishes on their website and make your own bespoke Caruso. Maybe you feel like contrasting yellows and black, or rose pink shades and wood, or maybe your living room is screaming for a metallic focus point. Either way, there are hundreds of possible combinations that will dress these speakers with style.

Expert artisan hands work the wood and ceramics while Paolo Cappello oversees everything. The Canaletto walnut, lacquered wood, or oak make up a perfect piece to touch and see. It’s system and design have won multiple design awards during 2015.

At times, nods to the past become objects of desire today. It’s at that precise moment when form and function align, that the senses are enhanced. That’s exactly what Caruso is, an enhancement of your senses.


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