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The latest in minimalist speakers by Joey Roth.

"Less is more", the famous phrase by Mies Van Der Rohe remains more relevant than ever as Joey Roth's uses it to his advantage when presenting his latest speakers.

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“Less is more” is the catchy phrase that is attributed to the famous architect Mies van der Rohe and that over the years, far from wearing out, has become more relevant than ever. We tend towards minimalism, simplicity, and unblemished beauty in the complex digital age.

Technology makes our lives easier and with each new development we get closer to touching infinity. We want the best, but we also want the best to be comfortable, useful, simple and manageable. The new minimalist speakers created by Californian designer and entrepreneur Joey Roth meet all these characteristics.

Roth’s newest commitment to technology is barely 40 centimetres tall and weighs a meagre 5.5 kilos, making it manageable for placement anywhere in the house. This is the second attempt by the San Francisco-born entrepreneur to create minimalist and attractive speakers with a functional design.

As far as matters relating to technical specifications, the speakers are made within a full steel structure and, although small, are able to perfectly reproduce the bass. Inside, they are divided into two halves, creating 24-inch cabling line.

The speaker port is a few inches away from the top and the base driver is in the middle of the two halves of the wiring. The distribution and composition of the interior of the speaker is designed to eliminate the sounds that obstruct the lowest harmonies. It’s fully intended to enhance the strength of the bass.

So, what is this wooden ball found in the base of the speaker? A decorative element? Well, yes and no. Because besides decorating, this wooden ball is fully functional and distributes the front sound in all directions, whilst also housing the Bluetooth antenna, so realistically, this ball is the only part of the speaker that doesn’t block the receiver.

You see, every detail has been thought of. Everything in this speaker, like almost everything in life, has a reason. And everything in this little gadget has a function. With these speakers, Joey Roth has managed to bring minimalism at its best. Tempting? Up to you…


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