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Meet Lily, the Action Sport Autonomous Camera.

Mainly developed for use by action sport enthusiasts, this new Lily Camera is a 100% waterproof camera-drone.

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If you’re a skier/snowboarder, a surfer, or simply an action sports lover, you’ve surely seen many people using little sport action cameras to record their adventures. In fact, you probably own one, along with multiple camera mounts, action-selfie sticks, waterproof housing cases, tripods and a bunch more of gadgets for the camera; a drone being your next planned acquisition, right? Well, things have just gotten way easier for you to record you adrenaline releasing moments.

Mainly developed for use by action sport enthusiasts, this new Lily Camera is a 100% waterproof camera-drone. To turn it on and start capturing all of your best stunts, you just have to throw it up in the air, and when the accelerometer detects that Lily is falling, it will turn on the blades, simple as that. And all of this without needing someone else to pilot it!

Instead of having the typical controller, the Lily Camera uses a tracking device that you can either put in your pocket or wear on your wrist, and Lily will follow you around based on where you are with the tracker. This means that you don’t have to use a typical controller to tell the camera to fly forward or backward, yet if you do want that much flexibility and control in the flying, thanks to the Lily Robotics app you’ll be able to, for it will give you full control over Lily to let you decide if you want the camera to lead, follow, circle, zoom in, take some pictures…

Lily Camera can reach speeds up to 25 miles an hour while ranging from five to fifty feet off the ground and between 10 to 30 feet from its tracking device. The device records in 1080p at 60 FPS or 720p at 120 FPS and takes 12-megapixel photos. To land it, simply push the landing button and the drone will automatically fly to you. Reach out your hand and tap the drone’s underside to power it down. In case it goes out of range or the battery gets low, don’t worry, the camera has a failsafe-landing feature.

Pre-orders have just begun and will ship in February 2016. Pre-sale price is only $499, so hurry up if you are interested because it only lasts for the coming 29 days. After that, the price jumps to $999.



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