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Design Miami collaborated with Pierre Frey in celebration of their 10th anniversary since its first edition. The result is Chromatropic.

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Chromatropic is a colourful new pattern designed to evoke Miami’s upbeat energy. It infuses details from Pierre Frey’s enchanting hand-drawn patterns taken directly from ten of the fair’s archives and three pieces of their collection and combines them into camouflage designs, complementing the fair’s bold aesthetic with a modern, bright treatment.

The project was launched by global design forum Design Miami’s executive director Rodman Primack, a textiles fan from an early age when he was brought up in a home decorated with fabrics from labels now owned by Paris furnishings and textiles brand Pierre Frey. The 80-year-old brand provided a selection of hand-drawn patterns from the past five decades with tropical themes that Primack and his team used as the foundation for the design.

“Tropical designs and palm trees are a big trend at the moment in both interior design and fashion,” says Pierre Frey Jr., the company’s communication director. “Rodman used this as the basis for the pattern but also introduced fluorescent colours to make it stronger and to reflect the fair’s bold identity.”

The design was originally intended to be used solely to supplement the event’s branded communication materials, but was deemed such a success that contemporary fashion brand Hentsch Man developed a limited edition Chromatropic capsule collection with anoraks, hats and sneakers that feature Frey’s modern and bright tropical themes. Style brand J.Crew also took the opportunity to produce limited edition Chromatropic pocket squares.

Pierre Frey is delighted with the outcome and is in the process of translating the design into fabric and a wallpaper to be launched later this year. “We love the pattern and now we’re working on adding it to our collection,” adds Frey. “It really turned out to be a great collaboration for us.”


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