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Discover Morpho & Luna.

Morpho + Luna is all about transformation. Expect graceful shapes and refined detailing, beautifully tailored in Italy.

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This London-based luxury night wear and lifestyle brand for men and women radiates understated elegance and effortless style through its beautifully tailored designs and exquisite colour palette. Morpho + Luna’s designs are produced in Italy using the finest fabrics to create everything from pastel night slips to crisp night shirts or sophisticated robes.

Morpho + Luna was founded in London in 2014 by French & Italian duo Cécile Gavazzi Daccò & Carola Botto Poala Voli, two women that shared a unique passion for raw elegance and wanted to create modern classic collections focussed on quality and comfort. Both Carola and Cecile have a rich family heritage rooted in the textile industry, giving them an inherent understanding of the importance of quality craftsmanship.

Carola’s family owns Reda, a 150-year-old family wool textile business that installed in her a love for fabrics and fashion that eventually led Carola to work in Turin and Milan as product manager for Kristina Ti and other established fashion brands. Cecile’s family heritage is also rooted in textile and was one of the first silk manufacturers in Italy.

The brand’s name was inspired by butterflies, the masculine Blue Morpho and feminine White Luna moth, which also references the Greek God of dreams and the Italian word for ‘Moon’. The idea of morphing into a second skin enables a subtle, intimate shift from professional to personal, and allows you to create your own style within your own time, and at your own pace. Easing into natural and innate elegance is an intrinsic part of the Morpho + Luna world.

The exquisite designs created by the brand add a playful and modern edge to nightwear, giving each collection a refreshing take on sleepwear, with innermost elegance and uncompromised self-indulgence as the core aesthetics.

Morpho + Luna is available at prestigious stores and resorts in the USA, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Switzerland and Germany.


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