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Gucci SS16 campaign shot in Berlin.

Gucci has chosen the German capital to shoot and showcase it’s latest collection.

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Berlin is a modern and avant-garde city teeming with creativity; in the same way that London represents cosmopolitan charm and Rome and Paris embody European history and romanticism, Berlin is the titleholder for the old continent’s creativity, winning UNESCO’s Creative City award in 2006. With an urban centre relaying hundreds of years of history, it’s the perfect location for Gucci’s quirky spring, a campaign representing what we once were and what we will become.

The brand’s flamboyant, vintage-themed pieces, decked in vivid colours and bold prints, are accompanied by maxi glasses and frills to complete this season’s 70s-tinged vision of Gucci. The result is a romantic, daring, suggestive and seductive retro collection…an alluring spring temptation.

To make such temptation bite down even harder, Gucci’s retro spring takes us back to a beautiful bohemian time we can all remember, and given that the city was basically frozen in time during most of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, it’s a pretty appropriate theme and location for Alessandro Michele’s newest collection.


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