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Apartments overlooking Hollywood.

Have you ever though about living in an apartment in L.A, overlooking the famous American cultural icon of the Hollywood sign situated on Mount Lee? Or even at a cinema Studio?

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We travel all the way to the home of the U.S. film industry to see firsthand these unique apartments, built up at the heart of Sunset Boulevard, previously featured on 1930s CBS broadcasting building.. It is a 23 floor building with homes comprised of one or two bedroom apartments and splendid rooftops. It also has a magnificent restaurant opened during the whole day and a fantastic pool with splendid views on its last floor.

The views are enjoyable from all the apartments as the building has been constructed following a V pattern to assure, in case the height blocks them, wonderful views to the hill, where the Hollywood sign rests on Mount Lee.

These apartments are for rent and its optional to rent them furnished or unfurnisehd. However, when you discover who the interior design has been done by it will be difficult to resist to the complete option. So, with interior touches by designer Kelly Wearsteler, known for her modern interpretations of classic Hollywood glamour, all the units offer the most striking interior design trends.

Brightness and lightness are the key elements of these exclusive apartments that overlook the Hollywood sign. Kelly has channeled along the 200 units her sophistication and luxury concept inspired by the California trends of the past Century under the signature of someone that seems to have an innate talent for the creation of the most attracting natural atmospheres.

Lush neutrals and wooden furniture create an effortless yet spirited cool vibe where you can live as if you were a Hollywood star.


Little whims that put a touch of comfort in our routine. Tableware or decorations that make us smile from pure aesthetic pleasure, which we could not live without.

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