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Light therapy at Harvey Nichols.

This new 11-minute LED treatment will rejuvenate and repair your skin and improve its tone and texture.

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Light therapy is fast becoming the newest popular alternative to traditional facials. Laura Ferguson and best friend Hannah Measures recently launched the Light Salon in Harvey Nichols, a walk-in skin rejuvenation service on the fourth floor of the shopping centre, dedicated to helping our skin with the latest in LED technology.

The treatments (from £35) last only 11 minutes and offer copious benefits, from improving luminosity, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, boosting collagen production, hydrating the skin, to improving skin conditions such as acne, dermatitis, rosacea and psoriasis. But the real benefits are cumulative: for optimum results, 10 treatments over a fortnight is the best way to go. The light spectrum penetrates deeper than any creams or serums, and encourages the body’s own production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid levels, resulting in a smoother, tighter and healthier complexion.

The treatments use near-infrared light, the opposite of damaging UV light, and begin with a one-minute process called photo sequencing. This initial process sends out low doses of yellow light to prepare the outer layers of the skin for maximum light absorption and generates the visible post-treatment glow, before skin is bathed in a powerful stream of red or blue light.

Three different lights are used, depending on the treatment you sign up for. Yellow light, as we’ve mentioned earlier, is used at the beginning of any treatment in order to switch your epidermal cells on and make them more receptive to the light that follows. Blue light is used treat acne and scars by hitting the bacteria growing deep inside your pores, and if combined with red light, can reduce inflammation to the skin caused by acne or other skin conditions. Red light stimulates blood circulation, making skin feel plump and sunkissed, you’ll probably notice results three to five days after the treatment. The incredible rejuvenating effect of this red light has seen many give up their cherished injectables in favour of going under the lamp, so it definitely works.

According to Laura and Hannah from the Light Salon: “You can never cause damage by having too many treatments. Your skin can only absorb so much light and needs the resting period in between to allow the activity to happen. With many other forms of aesthetic medicine there are yearly limits on how often you can utilise them which means that desired results have often diminished before you are able to go for another course of treatments”.

Therapists also give you a relaxing hand massage during the treatment and finish by applying vitamin C, glycolic or hyaluronic serum before you head out the door. This non-invasive, pain-free and relaxing treatment evokes the familiar feeling of lying on a sun-kissed beach, lasts 11 minutes and has more benefits than your average day cream, still not interested?



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