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Själ’sDiamonds are a girl’s best friend.

Själ's gemstone-infused skincare treatments have been cited as the pioneer of integrative luxury skincare.

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Själ’s gemstone and mineral-infused skincare products offer nutritionally balanced, integrative formulas designed to heal, cleanse, and soften skin by merging eastern medicine with the latest in western biotechnology and research. The brand’s simple treatments offer innovative formulas that use skin-balancing ingredients aimed at restoring the skin’s natural beauty, without using any fillers or harsh chemicals.

In order to keep innovating and creating effective skincare treatments, the team at själ constantly consults with experts ranging from research scientists, biologists, herbalists, nutritionists and holistic medical practitioners. Bridging elements preponderant in ancient medicine with the latest in western research, själ offers a sound approach to anti-aging skincare that visibly restores, nourishes and reverses signs of aging while working at the cellular level to purify and shield the skin from the destructive effects of the environment, stress, fatigue and travel.

“We wanted to develop a luxury skincare line that was simple to use, highly effective on all skin types and most importantly, founded on holistic principles. Our challenge has been balancing science, nature, wellness and beauty in a way that is intuitive, and functional for a modern lifestyle.” – Karen and Kristin Petrovich, Co-founders

Most of själ’s formulas are lightweight in consistency in order to adapt to the delicacy of human skin. The extensive product range offers firming masks to tone and strengthen skin, purifying tonics that energize and refresh, and hydrating creams that restore the skin’s natural beauty. Anti-aging serums and face oils reduce the visibility of the maturation process by restoring some of the skin’s natural elasticity.

Each one of själ’s products contains precious minerals like gold, silver, copper, platinum and germanium in both liquid and solid form. Their electro-stimulating function increases cellular productivity, performance, repair and penetration while accentuating the effects of the other ingredients. The brand’s formulas also incorporate gemstones such as diamond, blue sapphire, ruby, amethyst, citrine, and tourmaline, which stimulate cellular energy, microcirculation and clarity. The elevated frequency emitted from gemstones and precious minerals guides energy towards unique areas of need, adapting to all skin types and conditions, and maximising performance and benefits. Over 200 ingredients are used in the creation of själ’s product range, aimed at delivering a contemporary edge in anti-aging skincare.

The encounter between European and Japanese bio-technology and ancient oriental medicine strengthens the brand’s intention of creating a luxury lifestyle-oriented range aimed at becoming your one-stop source for all things related to quality skin care.


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