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Incense & Cedrat by Jo Malone limited edition.

Jo Malone's presents its first limited edition, Incense & Cedrat, at the gates of autumn.

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Incense & Cedrat is an essence created by Marie Salamagne, one of the most renowned perfumers with a long list of creations which include fragrances for YSL, Nina Ricci, Armani, Jesus del Pozo, Guerlain and Jo Malone.

Incense & Cedrat is a fragrance which breaks the halo typically left by both men and women; this fragrance is not dominated by floral notes, forever characteristic of the feminine scent, nor by the woody nuances that often represent male fragrances, Incense & Cedrat is a neutral essence wherein the intensity of the incense prevails.

Incense & Cedrat’s top notes are fresh, of tangy lime, tinted by a touch of pepper; the heart of the essence is inevitably frankincense and elemi resin; the base notes are emphasized by onolibanum incense, which accompanies hints of benzoin and labdanum.

Jo Malone is celebrating the release of this superb fragrance in 2015 by exposing your skin to a unique limited edition, starring a bottle that is as intense as the perfume it holds.

In black and gold, emulating the passion of fire and the depth of incense, this limited edition will become a treasure you won’t let go of.


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