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Skyacht™ One, the yacht that could fly.

Imagine a Yacht that can fly. Well, ladies and gentlemen, here it is. Skyacht™ One soars as a plane on the outside, and a yacht on the inside.

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Skyacht™ One is the world’s most luxurious private jet yet, with an interior inspired by a classic and exclusive 1939 yacht, the Thunderbird, which doesn’t let a single detail escape its signature lavishness.

The first of this jet’s many surprises is its space distribution, more suitable for a yacht than a plane: imagine climbing the airstair only to find yourself in a luxurious and cosy hall; across it is the conference room and through there, a door leading to the main cabin where you’ll find a cocktail bar, a TV and an elegant sofa from which to enjoy both, plus four comfortable armchairs around a corresponding table. Finally, a little further ahead is the master suite, fiercely romantic and lined in padded suede, where you must let yourself be seduced by a bed that is pure comfort and elegance, boasting an en-suite featuring a most appetizing shower. And all this enveloped by mahogany panels that line the inside of the cabin, contrasting with the pale leather upholstery, which together create a cosy, classical and luxurious environment that makes it feel more like you’re sailing rather than flying.

Skyacht™ One was created from a unique collaboration between internationally recognized Hollywood-born designer Eddie Sotto and Embraer Executive Jets, a company that specialises in luxury private jets, and is based on Embraer Executive Jets’ Lineage 1000E, an ultra-large luxury jet with a range of 4,600 nautical miles. Sotto is well known for creating experiential environments, making him the perfect choice for the jet’s design, and the only man capable of creating a true nautical environment for flying.

Skyacht™ One has hence become the world’s most luxurious private jet, with a most exquisite interior and exterior detail, and we believe it to also be the most original, seductive, regal, elegant and attractive of them all.

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