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Is it a boat? Is it a truck? It´s a Humdinga!Humdinga, the amphibian vehicle that will take you everywhere.

Humdinga, the amphibious vehicle that will conquer any obstacle. A rugged full time 4WD high-speed amphitruck that literally brings a new meaning to “off-road”.

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Scientific studies state that due to the gradual melting of the poles, the global coastline will considerably change over the next years. In fact, dozens of coastal cities like New York, Venice or London could be completely flooded sooner than expected. Maybe it´s time for you to start thinking on your new amphibian vehicle, just in case.

Probably not with this particular apocalyptic scenario in mind –but still very useful to access remote and hostile terrain, and for military, rescue, and humanitarian operations– did Alan Gibbs designed the Humdinga, an amphibious vehicle that looks like a crossbreed between a Hummer and a fishing boat.

4×4 cars are well known for their toughness, prepared to go off road and to withstand any eventuality. The Humdinga goes way beyond; with a 350 BHP V8 turbo diesel engine this (truly) all-terrain vehicle will conquer any obstacle. At speeds of 100 mph on land and over 40 mph on water, the Humdinga is a rugged full time 4WD high-speed amphitruck that literally brings a new meaning to “off-road”.

The Humdinga weighs in at 6,197 pounds and has a payload capacity of 1,719 pounds. Base versions have three seats, but the truck can be outfitted to carry up to six people. To transfer from land to water you´ll just need to press a button, and in less than five seconds, the wheels retract and the power train switches from the wheels to a jet propulsion system; amphibian mode is on.

Gibbs Amphitrucks is UK based company that has been developing High Speed Amphibian technology and products for almost 20 years, and is currently working with potential licensees to manufacture and produce these vehicles in a global program. For the time being they have partnered Singapore Technologies Kinetics Ltd to assist in future tsunami and flood relief in the region.



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