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Tetrahedron, a pyramid above the water line.

Is it a pyramid? Is it a plane? ? Is it a spacecraft? It is the most creative and innovative yacht in the world. Tetrahedron by Jonathan Schwinge.

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When you see Tetrahedron -designed by Jonathan Schwinge– over the sea, you can’t avoid thinking in the pyramids and also in cinema spacecrafts; that’s because Tetrahedron design is innovation itself.

We are used to see yatchs of avant-garde desing but this yatch change not only the aesthetics but also the concept of navigation; simple forms as the Tetrahedron geometrical superstructure, are not know in yacht construction because of restrictions in ocean-going hull design but this point is perfectly solved by Jonathan Schwinge using the HYSWAS hull: this incredible yacht –Tetrahedron– is an hydrofoil with a superstructure and a hull; the superstructure is a 3-based pyramid consisting of 4 faces and 6 leading edges linked to its HYSWAS hull.

This HYSWAS -Hydrofoil Small Waterplane Area Chip–  has a carbon fibre superstructure and duplex stainless steel HYSWAS propulsion; with 21,6 meters length, it’s the perfect yatch to 6 people and a crew of 4.

When sailing under 12 knots -slow speed-, the superstructure is nearly touching the sea with its hull next to its base; when sailing at medium speed -15 knots-, the hull go down although the superstructure is still over the water; but when Tetrahedron gets its highest speed -that is 38 knots-, it seems to be flying above the sea because it sails without touching it and avoiding resistance provoked by the waves.

The question is, which shipyard will build Schwinge’s Tetrahedron? and how much will it cost? no news by the moment; the shipyard is currently confidential; we’ll remain vigilant… and keep you posted.


Project instigation and Designer – Jonathan Schwinge / SCHWINGE.
TETRA Lightweight Technologies & Project Management – Marcel Müller, INMAINCO Visionary Marine Management.
TETRA HYSWAS Propulsion – The Maritime Applied Physics Corporation – USA .

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