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Smartphone AppsThe best car Apps today.

Every day new car Apps that take the use and enjoyment of your vehicle to unprecedented levels enter the market.

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You might remember “Tomorrow Never Dies”, the James Bond movie where he drives his BMW with his mobile phone. Back then it was no more than film fantasy, today it’s almost a reality. Of course you can´t drive your car using your mobile phone, at least not yet. Still, when simply having a new car is not enough and you want to maximise and exploit it´s functions, you might think of a better exhaust or a power kit. What probably doesn’t cross your mind is to look into smartphone Apps, but in fact, you are only a few downloads away from feeling like Britain’s most famous secret agent.

Every day new Apps that take the use and enjoyment of cars to unprecedented levels enter the market. Today there are apps with a variety of functions that range from letting you know the amount of city traffic, or reminding you where you parked your car or how much time you have left in your parking meter, to remotely starting the car´s engine, so that when you get in it’s already warmed up. Here are some of the best car Apps that we think will prove to be essential in your day-to-day life.


Find My Car + Honk

Find My Car is a simple but useful app that makes use of GPS services and Internet connectivity to help you find your way back to your parked car. Honk goes somewhat further and not only shows you where you parked your car, but also lets you know how much time you’ve got left before the time on the parking meter runs out.


Craftsman Garage Door

This App allows you to you can control your garage door. You can open or close it at anytime, even if you’re not home. You can also turn the garage door light on and off and set it to alert you if the door is opened or closed by someone else.


Anti Sleep Pilot

Perfect for long hauls, night-shift workers and driving at night or alone, it keeps you awake and alert when behind the wheel. It does this by calculating your fatigue level using reaction times from a series of basic tests that also help to maintain your awareness.


Toyota Entune

With the Bing browser built-in, Toyota’s Entune App lets you search for and save destinations on your phone. The OpenTable App and MovieTickets integration lets you make reservations at restaurants and order movie tickets from your car’s dashboard. iHeartRadio streams radio stations from around the world, while Pandora Radio allows you to stream algorithm-generated stations based on your favourite songs and artists.


BMW + Mini Connected

Both apps let you access Facebook and Twitter data from your dashboard, listen to news and Web radio through your car’s speakers, send Google Maps destinations to your car’s navigation system, and continue navigating on foot once you’ve parked your car. The Mini Connected version includes the Dynamic Music Mode, which generates music based on your driving style and behaviours.



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