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KORMARANFor Kormaran, transformation is key.

Combining optimum comfort with safety, power and elegance, the Kormaran metamorphoses at its owners wish.

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The essence of the Kormaran, from the Austrian company of the same name, is to transform, and that’s exactly what it does, even whilst in motion. Thanks to a pair of hydraulically powered hulls, the Kormaran can glide on and above the water as a monohull (hulls very close together), a catamaran (medium distance between hulls), a trimaran (maximum distance between hulls) and hydrofoil (which allows it to drive in shallow waters and also to land on shore), making it one of the most versatile vessels to ever hit the tide.

Built from a combination of carbon fibre, titanium, stainless steel, teak wood and Boxmark Xtreme Leather, it as stylish as it is practical. Its groundbreaking transformation system allows the Kormaran to change the distance between the hulls and the height of the central passenger cabin. With structural parts made of carbon fibre and stainless steel hydraulic cylinders, the transformation system allows the flexibility and the multi-functionality of the vessel by absorbing all the forces acting on it and achieving absolute lightweight construction.

The standard driving mode uses both hull engines with two-jet drives in catamaran mode, combining the agility and stability of a catamaran with a unique driving sensation. Height adjustment allows you to step easily on and off at a landing stage.

At low speed, the trimaran-like mode is enabled, activating a smooth gliding with even greater stability and enhanced manoeuvrability because of its special docking modus, which turns the boat on the spot, even moving sideways for docking. In this mode, height adjustment allows you to avoid waves hitting the central hull or the platform and to navigate shallow waters.

However, the best part of this state-of-the-art watercraft is it’s flight a metre above sea level, using the optional hydrofoil system with a third central engine, which provides a powerful central water jet up to 3 times as long as the Kormaran itself. In flight, the water resistance can be reduced by up to 80%. With the impressive speed records of the exciting series in the America‘s Cup, hydrofoils are all the rage in water sports. The advantages are obvious – higher speeds with lower energy consumption and a much more comfortable ride without slamming and spray.

But that’s not quite it yet, if you feel like just lounging about, drifting calmly while sunbathing, just open the bathing platform and the butterfly wing doors with their running boards to

Kormaran’s original and innovative design has been led by the company’s founder and CEO, Dr Oliver Kormann, whilst Mr Daniell Porsche, of the famous Porsche family, is the project’s main investor.

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