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10 unique ways to celebrate Halloween this year.

Let’s face it, we all love Halloween, it brings out the child within us all, which is why it’s so damn great.

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Aside from the usual trick or treating, here are 10 different Halloween specials to be enjoyed in London this year:

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    Jump into one of London’s ghost tours that will spook you silly.

    Put on your bravest face for these terrifying ghost hunts and ghost tours in London. Take your pick between treading in the footsteps of kings, queens and courtiers while discovering the shadowy mysteries of Kensington Palace’s royal residents on its Eerie Evening Tours; wrapping up warm to uncover the haunted history of London’s Docks; or going back in time to take part in a murder mystery in the magnificent Strawberry Hill House.

    Jump into one of London’s ghost tours that will spook you silly.: L
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    Sip on cocktails in cauldrons at Scarlet’s.

    Bar Soho, Scarlet’s, Mabel’s and Loop have joined forces with candy dream makers Jelly Belly to create some pretty cool cocktails, brimming with all sorts of creepy crawlers coming in from Salem.

    Sip on cocktails in cauldrons at Scarlet’s.: 1
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    Dance with the dead at Wahaca’s Day of the Dead Festival.

    Wahaca’s 12-hour festival on the 7th November will recreate how Mexico celebrates death whilst living life and bring a little spark of that to Tobacco Dock in East London. Celebrate the dead and the living, through the indulgence and debauchery of loud music, fine food and provocative debate, surrounded by beautiful art.

    Dance with the dead at Wahaca’s Day of the Dead Festival.: T
  • 410

    Tuck into Yauatcha’s Halloween Dim Sum specials.

    Located in the bubbling heart of Soho, Yauatcha is probably one of London’s top three dim sum venues. This month, as part of Yauatcha’s mighty menu, they are serving up roast duck and pumpkin puffs resembling a miniature Cinderella’s pumpkin coach which you won’t want to miss.

    Tuck into Yauatcha’s Halloween Dim Sum specials.: 1
  • 510

    Drink Pumpkin Cocktails in Chelsea’s Bluebird Café.

    Bluebird’s Pumpkin Patch is back this Halloween, accompanied by an assortment of Halloween cocktails in the first floor restaurant, some of which are served in an actual pumpkin.

    Drink Pumpkin Cocktails in Chelsea’s Bluebird Café.: 3
  • 610

    Pumpkin galore at Angler.

    In a refined nod to the occasion, Angler’s Head Chef Tony Fleming will be celebrating this year’s Halloween with dishes inspired by the holiday’s most famous ingredient, pumpkin. The Michelin-starred seafood restaurant has created mouth-watering dishes such as roast fillet of John Dory with poached langoustines, mushrooms, truffle and pumpkin.

    Pumpkin galore at Angler.: S
  • 710

    Attend a horror flick screening.

    There are some chilling film events taking place across the capital on and around All Hallows’ Eve. Outdoor cinema experts The Nomad are screening ‘The Shining’, ‘Psycho’, ‘Beetlejuice’ or ‘Cabin in the Woods’ in the Lookout in Hyde Park. It’s the perfect spot to toast a marshmallow over a cosy fire, down a glass of vino and spoon during a creepy classic. If you’re not keen on the eerie outdoors, The Prince Charles Cinema is hosting a classic horror all-nighter. You’ll need a blanket, a pillow and some guts to take on this line-up of horror heavy-hitters.

    Attend a horror flick screening. : T
  • 810

    Carve a pumpkin at The Black Penny

    Covent Garden’s modern coffee house is beckoning all ye Londoners to put on your best Halloween mojo on early with a pumpkin carving master class. Artist and designer Zeena Shah will be the expert in charge of teaching the beginner carvers how to create a spooky holiday decoration to light up their homes.

    Carve a pumpkin at The Black Penny: 3
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    Try Dirty Bones’ spook-tacular Pumpkin Waffles.

    Dirty Bones has decided to celebrate one of America’s favourite holidays by serving two enchanting Halloween specials this weekend. First up is the Dirty Bones dusted southern fried chicken on a spiced pumpkin waffle, served with smoked chilli infused maple syrup; followed by the White Chocolate Gelato with salted fudge bottom, served with shattered sugar glass and dripping in strawberry blood. They will also be hosting a Halloween party at their Kensington location with live music.

    Try Dirty Bones’ spook-tacular Pumpkin Waffles.: D
  • 1010

    Eat Toffee Apples at Tom’s Kitchen Deli.

    Toffee apples are back for a week! Our favourite autumn treat will be on sale at the delis located adjacent to the restaurants in Canary Wharf and St Katharine Docks from 26th October to 6th November to celebrate Halloween and Bonfire Night 2015.

    Eat Toffee Apples at Tom’s Kitchen Deli.: C


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