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300 years of Dutch fashion in the Rijksmuseum.

For the first time ever Amsterdam's renowned museum will be hosting an exhibition showcasing Dutch fashion during the last three centuries, from 1625 until 1960.

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Never before have we seen an exhibition that scours the history and evolution of fashion created in the Netherlands. The importance of Antwerp’s residents deflected eyes further south to the Belgian city, but Amsterdam also wants to rightly claim its place in the realm of fashion.

From the 20th February to the 15th May, the exhibition ‘Catwalk. Mode in het Rijksmuseum’ will allow you to discover the world of Dutch textiles between 1625 and 1960. The exhibition has been designed by world-renowned Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf, who has six galleries of the Philips Wing at the Rijksmuseum at his disposal.

The collection shows garments worn by members of the Frisian branch of the house of Nassau in the Golden Age, and will feature vibrantly coloured French silk gowns and luxurious velvet gentlemen’s suits of the eighteenth century, classically-inspired Empire dresses and bustles of the Fin de Siècle culminating in twentieth-century French haute couture by Dior, Balenciaga and Yves Saint Laurent (whose 1965 Mondrian dress is the most modern piece in the exhibition).

The Museum’s history department has the oldest Dutch suits and dresses preserved to this day, belonging to various noble families and royals. At first the collection was focused solely on garments from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, but eventually grew to incorporate those of the early twentieth century, of which many will be on display.

Among the highlights of the collection are: the widest dress in the Netherlands, worn by Slicher Helena (1737-1776) at her wedding to Aelbrecht baron van Slingelandt in 1759; a silk taffeta cocktail dress by Cristóbal Balenciaga or a unique pair of underpants belonging to Hendrik Casimir I, Count of Nassau Dietz (1612-1640).

A unique opportunity not to be missed.


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