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MuseumsAn ABC of London’s current exhibitions.

Discover three must-see art and science exhibitions in London this season with shows at the Science Museum, the Natural History Gallery and the Cartoon Museum.

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Alice in Cartoonland

The Cartoon Museum celebrates the 150th anniversary of the first publication of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, with this exhibition examining how cartoonists have re-imagined the book’s characters since they were first brought to life in 1865.

The show portrays the many ways in which the curious creatures from Lewis Carroll’s topsy-turvy world have been depicted through parodies and pastiches, jibes, jokes and gags aimed at making political points, social comment or just intended to make us laugh.

The exhibition showcases works from Ralph Steadman, Nicholas Garland and EH Shepard alongside political cartoons from Steve Bell and Martin Rowson.

Alice in Cartoonland will run until the 1st of November in the Cartoon Museum.


Bloom displays a series of detailed painted plant silhouettes inspired by plants, and images of plants, by Edward Chell.

The 40 painted panels on show respond to a set of the Horniman’s rare books by 19th-century British naturalist and early photographer Anna Atkins, looking at these in relation to plants in both living and dried form in the Museum’s archives. Chell’s panels link the blue of Atkins’ cyanotypes, or ‘sunprints’, to the blue and white china so prevalent in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Bloom will be on display until Sunday December 6 2015 in the Horniman’s recently redeveloped Natural History Gallery entrance.

Cravings: Can your food control you?

“From the flavours you learned to love in the womb, to the very next bite you take, your appetite has been shaped by food.”

The Science Museum’s new exhibition explores how food affects our bodies, brains and habits in a display of personal stories, curious objects and cutting-edge science and technology.

Whilst one section explores the way dishes and utensils alter our perception of taste, other sections include an artificial gut whirring away, an experiment on flavour perception, an array of unconventional dining utensils designed by scientists and chefs to trick our sense of taste, and scientific insights regarding how an increasingly overweight population can start changing its eating habits.

Cravings will be displayed until the 1st January 2016 in the Science Museum.




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