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Chris LevineThe Geometry of Truth.

Chris Levine’s showcase of his latest approach to the use of light is embodied in his newest exhibition The Geometry of Truth.

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Chris Levine’s showcase of his latest approach to the use of light is embodied in his newest exhibition The Geometry of Truth, which opened at London’s oldest gallery, The Fine Art Society, on the 24th of April and will be on display until the 23rd of May.

Many have referred to Chris Levine’s holographic portrait of the Queen, Lightness of Being, as the touchstone of his career, but in fact, it was just the first of many. Today he is focusing on forms instead of people, exploring the nature of light and perception using technology and light to draw people towards stillness.

“Stillness is a portal to the divine. In my work – my journey with light – I’m only starting to realise this is increasingly my prime objective – to enter this state and to bring people with me.” – Chris Levine

Levine’s work asks some fundamental questions about how we view art and examine life, the way in which we perceive light and the effect it has on us. His work explores light as a fundamental natural characteristic, through which it is possible to experience vital truths in nature.

A pioneer of artistic innovation, the creation of his work involves going beyond the existing technologies in his field, like holographic imaging or lasers, to create his own blipverts and laserpods, which evolve the expression of his ideas. This modern use of technologies in the creation of work that defies categorisation has brought a fresh sensibility to the field, confirming his position as the most outstanding artist working in light today.

“If we as a species meditated it would be a more evolved planet. The future of our kind depends on it. If art can heal then why do anything else as an artist.” – Chris Levine

For his new series, The Geometry of Truth, Levine turns his attention inwards to the purity of form saying, “If numbers are the purest form of thought as Plato states, then geometry is a translation of this purity into visual form.” Harnessing a rare purity of form, colour and energy that interacts with waves of light that move through the room, Levine’s work produces a hypnotic sensation of expansion into one single moment. Much of his inspiration comes from his practice of meditation and his work has a spiritual dimension that defies labelling.

Levine’s immersive and transformative art focuses on a collective experience, enriched by music, performance, installation, fashion and design, enhancing awareness of the present moment, and our connection to one another.


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