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A port that never forgets.

A couple of years ago the Symingtons, a renowned port family, released 656 bottles of a port that dates back to the arrival of their great-grandfather Andrew James Symington in Portugal in 1882.

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The family named this wine Ne Oublie, which means “don’t forget”, after the original Graham’s family motto, reflecting the family’s commitment to the Douro and to port. The Ne Oublie aged wine is from one of the three remaining barrels bought by AJ Symington in the 1920’s, which his direct descendants have now bottled beautifully in numbered crystal decanters designed by Portugal’s leading glass manufacturer Atlantis. The other two barrels have been entrusted to the next generation of the family, who will decide what to do with the remaining vintage tawny port with the explicit instruction that they must remain untouched until at least 2025.

This deeply personal family wine comes from a batch that spent its first 40 years of life maturing in the ferocious heat of the Douro valley before relocating to the more oceanic surroundings of its Porto cellars since 1925. When Andrew Jefford visited the family in the Douro in 2011 and tasted this wine, he wrote: “You simply can’t create complexity of this order in under a century or so, I suspect… There was cleanliness and a precision about the wine, though, that was a testament to 130 years of exemplary stewardship… a synopsis of life and time.

This limited edition is as unique on the inside as it is on the outside; matching the 130-year-old port’s essence and exclusivity is its exquisite handmade decanter adorned by three sterling silver bands on the stopper, moulded and engraved by Scottish silversmiths Hayward & Stott, and carrying the mark of the Edinburgh Assay Office. Fittingly, the flask is enclosed in a tailored leather box handcrafted with the best leathers by British brand Smythson of Bond Street, one of the world’s oldest luxury leather goods companies in Britain. Ne Oublie is pure luxury from inside out, and represents the three nations from which the Symington family is descended: Scotland, England and Portugal.

The 656 bottles of Ne Oublie are available through selected fine wine merchants around the world at £4,510.


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