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Mahiki: A taste of Hawaii on Dover Street.

Polynesian for 'Path to the Underworld', Mahiki allows complete escapism, transporting you to paradise no matter the weather.

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Located near the Ritz hotel, Mahiki is the ultimate destination for the cocktail loving elite. Spread over two floors, with the Island grill upstairs and the party in the basement, the Mayfair nightclub has been the favourite hangout for celebrities, socialites, athletes and royals since 2005 when David Phelps, Nick House and Piers Adam, the creative minds behind Brompton Brands, opened its doors.

The Polynesian themed club, its delicious fresh fruit cocktails served by flower-clad waitresses, and retro tiki décor, characterized by dim lit booths and handmade Tiki chairs, has become something of a London institution and the ultimate tropical haven of the capital. The colourfully illustrated menu boasts of a series of tempting tropical cocktails, where Piña Coladas come served in frozen pineapples and the Coconut Bombs inside real coconuts. The famous Mahiki Treasure Chest is a must-try for any newcomers, a cocktail for eight, served in a misty treasure chest brimming with brandy and peach liqueur, shaken with lime and sugar and topped with a bottle of Moet & Chandon champagne.

Despite its well-known celebrity clientele, Mahiki has a much more relaxed door policy than most Mayfair clubs; there are no guest-lists or VIP rooms, but entry still relies on the discretion of the door staff, which is why we recommend you don’t arrive much later than 11pm, especially on Thursdays where the queue ends up winding around the block. Music is typically an eclectic party mix with the latest chart hits and the classics from across the last decade booming from the speakers, along with a splash of essential surf tracks.

So what do you wear to a Polynesian nirvana like Mahiki? For girls, heels are a must and fur is a massive no, after the nightclub recently announced its no fur policy. For guys, the usual smart-casual shirt and blazer attire is the norm. The club won’t allow sportswear or trainers.


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