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A new limited edition of only 5,000 bottles.The wisdom behind Suntory’s Yamazaki Sherry Cask ’16.

The last masterpiece by the Japanese whisky brand was showcased in London a couple of days ago and can be purchased in Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and some specialist websites.

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The wisdom in the refined and subtle sensitivity and the visual intensity of the 2016 Yamazaki Sherry Cask is what makes it such a coveted whisky.

It’s carefully kept and meticulously created by Suntory’s chief blender Shinji Fukuyo a mastermind that embodies Japanese attention to detail. He travels to Spain to pick which casks to use, and oversees the whole process behind this singular malt whisky from beginning to end.

The chief blender’s sensitivity is key in the selection of the wood used to house and transform the sherry. The oak can’t threaten the whisky’s taste and should be its ally, bringing colours and scents to the table and seeking the balance between the Yamazaki malt and the sherry casks.

Suntory has designed a moment, a taste. More than 100 whiskeys have come into play to create its nuances and twists of flavour and aroma. The whisky’s brilliance comes alive when left standing. Shinji Fukuyo’s genius comes into play by foreseeing the unique contribution of each of the ingredients selected for the concoction of the Yamazaki Sherry Cask.

The art of creating this Japanese whisky sees the grains distilled into a dark brown single malt with notes of raisins, cocoa nibs, cardamom, barks and spices that intensify the flavour, creating a savoury incarnation that’s seductively sweet and sour. It’s most certainly not a whiskey for beginners as its intensity and complexity makes it a treasured liquid for the experts seeking these much-desired contrasts.

Yamazaki Single Malt Sherry Cask 2013 made headlines and became an internet sensation after being crowned the world’s best whisky by The Whisky Bible 2015. This year, 5,000 bottles have been produced. Around 1,500 will be sold in Japan, with 1,500 going to the US and the remaining 2,000 sold in 10 key cities across Europe, including London.


Straight to the palate. Products as delicious as they are hard to come by cooked or bottled, in limited series, under the supervision of the finest experts.

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