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50 days by Albert Adrià.

The Catalan Chef has organised a special event for this winter. During 50 days, he will be the guest Chef at Café Royal London, a renowned meeting place for Bowie, Virginia Woolf or Mick Jagger.

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Café Royal is not a regular place London café. Opened in 1865, the luxury hotel is the capital’s most exclusive venue to be seen in, forever chosen by countless members of the British elite and celebrities to spend the night, have a coffee or meet discreetly. Its regulars include from Churchill to rock stars like Mick Jagger or the recently deceased David Bowie, as well as Virginia Woolf and all kinds of artists and writers.

The Regent Street hotel is news today not for its longstanding history, or the sophistication it offers its guests,  but for a future event it will be hosting next month. Next February 12th, all the gourmet lovers and foodies will flock to Café Royale for the inauguration of Albert Adrià’s 50 days as guest chef, when he’ll unleash his creativity in the kitchen.

“50 days by Albert Adrià” represents a true collaboration between Café Royal and the Michelin-starred Spanish chef that will see London become a gourmet capital. Café Royal describes the event as “a celebration of the pleasure of good food and drink, fine hospitality and Albert’s first enterprise outside his native Spain in 30 years. A residency in two of London’s most precious historic rooms. An opportunity to taste Albert’s signature gastronomic tone. A chance to experience a culinary journey like no other.”

Adrià, whose own brother Ferrán defined as “one of the best chefs in the world”, and his team will be in the hotel’s opulent Oscar Wilde Bar serving all types of cocktails and snacks, later proceeding to serve a 30-course dinner at the lofty five-star restaurant The Domino. The experience entails much more than a tasting menu, it’s an opportunity to dine in two of London’s most precious historic rooms and taste Albert’s signature gastronomic tone.

During the dining experience, guests will be able to take pictures, it’s expected that the #50daysbyAlbertAdria will last roughly two and a half hours, throughout which social media channels will be buzzing with the hashtag documenting the evening. It’s a dining experience targeted at adults, with the dress code: “Playfully Glamorous”. The menu can be adapted for vegetarians and any allergies.

All dining slots are currently fully booked, but there are still places available for cocktails and small bites (starting at £10 per person). Otherwise, you can asked to be placed on the waiting list and cross your fingers.

Grand historic areas in the hotel have been sensitively restored and its selection of restaurants, bars and events spaces pay homage to Café Royal’s rich heritage of excellent hospitality and dining. The iconic London landmark now features 160 contemporary guestrooms, including 54 suites and seven signature suites. Definitely the best hotel from which to explore central London (from £440 the night).



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