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5 Michelin starred restaurants in Stockholm.

The Swedish capital reclaims its position among other European gourmet cities. It has all it takes to offer a unique dinning experience.

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Despite their Danish neighbours, with Noma restaurant as a reference, are the ones to receive the best reviews when praising for Scandinavian gastronomy, the Swedish capital has quietly emerged as a gastronomic destination. Proof of this are the Michelin stars distributed among the finest restaurants in the city. Stockholm brings together most of the 37 Swedish restaurants that have been awarded with the prestigious star in the latest edition of the Michelin Guide, including three double stars.

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    Chef Björn Frantzén runs this 2 Michelin-star restaurant since 2013 and it is considered as one of the bests in the world. It is focused on fresh, seasonal Scandinavian produce, much of it grown in the restaurant’s own gardens. Its main idea is to offer to the guests the chance of travelling around world’s differents flavours through their tasting menus that bases its essence on the Swedish cuisine.


    Frantzén: L
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    Mathias Dahlgrén is head-chef and owner of the two-star restaurant Matsalen. It opens for dinner from Tuesday to Saturday andi t is hosted at Grand Hotel. His philosophy is to choose the produce that follows the season so its menu varies during the year. Based on using the best fresh produce available on Sweden and abroad, it offers a 2.100 SEK 8-course tasting menu named ‘The Natural Cuisine’ – 3.300 SEK with wine.


    Matsalen: S
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    Oaxen Krog

    On the water’s edge location on Djurgården, an island in central Stockholm, we find the third double-star Michelin restaurant, Oaxen Krog run by a couple that serve inventive dishes using island produce and herbs to create unique recipes. It is specialized in locally sourced and seasonal Nordic cooking. Meals are coupled with wine pairings based on the best European ones. It offers a 10-course casting menu for 2.100 SEK.


    Oaxen Krog: B
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    Ulla Winbladh

    With a bucolic Couch, the Ulla Windbladh, is located at a small house in the heart of the great gardens of Djurgården island. It is a traditional Swedish house whose name is taken from an 18th Century popular ballad. Therefore, its cuisine is 100% conventional. Traditional Swedish home fare is served here year-round. On offer, we find meatballs smothered in beef sause assorted with mashed potatoes. Dishes are served with classic nordic bread and traditional butter.

    Ulla Winbladh: R
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    Rolfs Kök

    With a different tasting lunch and dinner menu, Rolfs Kök is the dream to experience gourmet dining. Driven by star chef Johan Jureskog and Magnus Johansson they serve fine food without flourish and the process of how it is made can be seen from the open kitchen. The menu has been carefully chosen following the season’s flavours. Rolfs Kök is a successful combination of warm personal service, outstanding wines and well-prepared food based on fine ingredients.

    Rolfs Kök: T



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