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Bob Bob Ricard, Soho: More champagne please.

Bob Bob Ricard is an extravagant restaurant in the heart of Soho, serving luxury English and Russian food accompanied by sensational cocktails.

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Opened in 2008, by owners Leonid (whose nickname is Bob) Shutov and Richard Howarth, Bob Bob Ricard is a one-of-a-kind restaurant perfect to launch you into a fun night out. The iconic Soho restaurant serves a luxury menu that skips between Russia and England, bringing together the best of both worlds for its eclectic clientele to enjoy, plus lots of champagne.

Designed by David Collins (of The Ivy and The Wolseley fame), BBR’s design is inspired by the romance of early 20th-century travel and by the grand brasseries and hotels of central Europe. The result is an all-booth dining room furnished in a Roaring 20’s Art Deco meets Oriental Express kind of way, with exquisite marble finishes, custom kaleidoscopic wallpapers, theatrical drapes, wooden panelling, brass rails and an inlaid mosaic tile floor. Totally swanky, somewhat extravagant, but wonderfully decadent. The ground floor restaurant is royal blue and the basement Club Room restaurant is a deep, blood red. Equipped with a “Press for Champagne” buzzer at every table, it is famous for pouring more champagne than any other restaurant in London.

Starters are coupled with platinum vodka shots chilled to -18°C, and include venison tartare served with a quail egg, delicious truffled potato and mushroom vareniki (traditional Russian dumplings) or a stunning sea bass ceviche. For mains, we definitely recommend the succulent beef wellington encompassed in a golden pastry casing, and served with a beef jus. The mariner’s fish pie is another favourite, packed with salmon and haddock in a wallopingly rich cream.

For pudding, chocoholics should look no further than the house dessert, the signature chocolate glory. It’s theatrical presentation sees hot chocolate sauce poured onto a golden orb of chocolate, melting it down to reveal mousse, brownie, meringue and passion fruit and orange jelly. The Eton Mess is also pretty great, and has a similar spherical presentation, this time in pink, with lime meringue, strawberry sorbet, raspberries, marshmallows and cream.


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