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Prohibition tea at Quaglino’s.

Indulge in this boozy Prohibition-themed afternoon tea in Quaglino's, with glamorous roaring 20's style cocktails, and an array of sweet and savoury treats.

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If you’re one of those people that wishes they’d lived through the roaring 20’s, you can now, kind of…

Founded by Giovanni Quaglino in 1929, this renowned London restaurant has hosted a long list of celebrity clientele, including Queen Elizabeth II, it being the first restaurant she ever visited. Since it opened its doors it has strived as one of the capital’s hottest venues every decade to present day, and has witnessed Judy Garland celebrate her final marriage in 1969, Barbara Cartland finding a pearl in her oyster and Princess Diana sneaking in through the kitchens. Quaglino’s roaring fame got to the point where stolen ashtrays became trophies, and even the Quag’s cigarette girls, in their couture uniforms, were minor celebrities.

It seems only natural, what with Quaglino’s popularity during the decade and its Gatsby-esque interior, that the acclaimed restaurant start offering Prohibition-themed tea to guests. The dark mezzanine bar at Quaglino’s is the perfect scenery for an afternoon of pure decadence and indulgence.

The experience is as opulent as Jay’s banquets ever got, with shiny black trays delicately presenting an assortment of sandwiches and savoury pastries, freshly baked buttermilk scones and a varied selection of homemade cakes and delicacies. Expect smoked salmon rosti, cured ham grissini, black forest trifle, lemoncello posset and a “Raspberry Ricky” cocktail for the final twist to your afternoon tea, or a selection of aromatic herbal teas for the more conservative types.

The cocktails are a must; they’re served in flasks and tin cans in a Prohibition-style effort to shroud them in secrecy. There’s the “Got Milk” drink featured in our gallery, which contains mango-infused Soldiers Bay rum, passion fruit puree, lemon juice, cream and vanilla sugar, which is all served inside milk bottles with protruding red-and-white straws; the “Manhattan Under Smoke”, a bourbon cocktail served in a flask; or the previously mentioned, gin-based “Raspberry Ricky” served up in a tin can.

Any excuse is good to try out this original twist on your classic afternoon tea.


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