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Tartufi & FriendsTruffle galore at Harrods

Harrods opened its first truffle restaurant this month, a unique location serving exquisite plates made with only the freshest truffles in season.

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After recently opening a truffle shop, Harrods is taking its newfound truffle passion to its new restaurant Tartufi and Friends, which opened its doors this month. With flagship sites in Milan and Rome, Tartufi & Friends has brought the perfect destination for truffle lovers to London, a corner of Knightsbridge where guests can explore the Italian delicacy in a variety of innovative forms.

The new in-store lounge serves exquisite plates made with only the freshest truffles in season and offering a selection of gourmet take-away products. Even desserts benefit from the addition of the prized tuber, such as Vanilla ice cream with pine nuts, figs and truffle honey. Customers will also be able to purchase a range of Tartufi & Friends packaged food items, including the limited edition Extra Virgin Olive Oil with White Truffle, truffle infused chocolates, truffle honeys, truffle salts and condiments.

Signature dishes include the indulgent Tartufi & Friends Burger, served with foie gras, sweet onion marmalade, truffle mustard and mayonnaise and fresh truffle; the Duck Club Sandwich with crispy asparagus and celeriac with truffle, egg, corn crisp, pomegranate and fresh truffle; and the tartar of Fassone beef with quail eggs and fresh truffle. And that’s not the end to the truffles, they’re in the cocktails too, like the Truffle Martini with coffee, cacao liqueur, truffle honey, and sliced truffle; a Rosemary Fizz with dry gin, truffle honey syrup, fresh lime juice, club soda and rosemary and the Tartufi & Friends Margarita with tequila, lime and white truffle salt.

The space, located on the Lower Ground Floor of the Harrods department store, has been designed by Italian architect, Laura Franco, and is situated nearby the Wine Shop and Cigar Room. Stylish and distinctive, the restaurant’s design hopes to fully immerse Harrods’ discerning diners in the history of the black and white truffle, using prints from the 1500’s for illustration.


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