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Christian LouboutinLouboutin’s cluedo.If looks could kill.

Or as Christian Louboutin would say, "If looks could kill..."

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Louboutin is known for elegance and sophistication but the designer is also somewhat of a tease, he's fun, witty, creative and an innate storyteller; so much so that to present the brands proposals for spring, we've all been invited to play a game of Cluedo. This is not your regular SS16 campaign, it's a full-fledged suspense story with an unknown ending. Starring Amazoula, the campaign puts emphasis on the spectacular shoes designed for the spring collection. After discovering the crime scene, it's time for a sophisticated inspection. You can enjoy the full story on the Louboutin site, and discover the ending for yourself.

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    On a dark Parisian night, the glamorous Amazoula returns to her chambers in the 1st Arrondissement.

    Early the next morning Wawy Dolly awakes to find Amazoula’s body resting beneath her favorite chair, her Christian Louboutin sandals still laced, Paloma clutch in hand.

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    Detective Baila Spike

    Police commissioner Laperouse calls for an expert detective, an investigator with a keen eye and a relentless desire to bring the culprit to justice. The elegantly-clad Detective Baila Spike arrives on scene and starts inspecting the crime scene.

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    The key

    Reviewing the crime scene inch by inch, something was certain, it was one of her many Louboutin’s that was to blame…

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    A clue...

    Clues and more clues, a randomly abandoned bag guarding the secret of what actually happened that ill-fated night.

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    Him and her, both clearly Louboutins, she’s betrayed by the unmistakable red sole, and he’s betrayed by the deep red socks, but more importantly by his classic John John Louboutin shoes.

And now that you know the story and it's mysteries, it's time to let Louboutin guide you towards its website to learn more about the detailed plot of this glamorous drama. Satisfy your bubbling curiosity and discover the French shoemaker's illustrious spring and summer collection. Are you tempted by the Amazoula sandals? Or are your tastes more classical? Either way, the sole will always be red.


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