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The most beautiful skis in the world.

Winter is ready for skiing, aren't you?

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Ski resorts are also ready for you and your time to enjoy and smile in the snow, so the most important thing is… are your skis ready? I guess the answer is blowing in the wind and it sounds like no, you’re not ready yet… and we want to help you introducing the most beautiful skis in the world.

Foil is a firm from the north of Italy, and it’s responsible for the design and manufacture of the nice skis we show you today, 4 incredible models thought to caress the snow.

The Foil Classico, known as ‘perfection on snow‘, is manufactured in African Rosewood  topsheet with nickel plated bindings, bespoke Foil poles and personalized initials to make these skis only yours; it’s an exclusive detail.

The Foil Riserva is narrower than The Foil Classico and recommended to tight turns and wide curves. These skis are also manufactured in African Rosewood topsheet, with nickel plated bindings, bespoke Foil poles and personalized initials.

Stainless steel, bamboo, pawlonia and resins are a few more ingredients of these luxurious skiss.

Apart from these models, Foil also propose Rossastro, available in Classico and Riserva style, these skis add to the other models a hand-polished finish comprised of only the finest swietenia mahogany.

Finally we find the most luxurious skis of this collection… and of the whole world: Oro Nero. Manufactured with 8000-year-old certified Bog Oak and combined with 14 gold plated bindings, poles anda inlays. It’s important to know that this model is a limited edition than can be customized as the owner dreams…

And finally, the real question is… Are you ready for this?


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